Mark Enriquez

"functionality is an asset, but code is a liability"

LAMP-Stack PHP7 Expert | Object Oriented MVC Design | ECMAScript / jQuery | SQL / RDBMS / Backend | UX Responsive Design



to SOLVE YOUR WEB DEVELOPMENT NEEDS as a 1099 Contract, W2, Remote or On-Site worker.

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Current Skillset

LAMP | Javascript | Database | UX Design


PHP5/7/ OOP (17y)
JavaScript | JQuery (9y)
APIs | REST | AJAX (9y)
eCommerce | Payments (10y)
MVC | Laravel (8y)
MySQL | RDBMS | NoSQL (20+y)
C | C++ (20+y)
OO Programming (20y)
Git | SVN (9y)
SEO | SEM (2y)

Professional Profile

  • Dependable, accurate, with quick turnaround.

  • Deep understanding of modern web technologies.

  • Great communication skills.

  • Curious, creative, passionate, resourceful, and dedicated to creating software that is maintainable, extensible, and "just works."

Hire me to design your app, fix that broken code or develop that next great idea!

Work History

Things Worked On + Places Worked At


PHP7 / Node.js / Python3 Developer

[ SHORT TERM 1099 REMOTE IC ] Work included development of highly accurate website mirroring and screenshot tools using PHP7 CLI , wget, HTTRACK, screenshot APIs, Node.js (with Google’s Puppeteer headless chrome project), and Python (with Selenium headless browser project). Built high-performance multi-process website link crawler that processed website mirrors and screenshot by actually “clicking” each link on every page, recursively, and not by simply scraping the href’s and thus missing all the JS-based links/buttons that many modern websites currently use.

Screenshots for both mobile and desktop browsers were provided by submitting the click-crawled URL list to the Browshot API and then polling the API waiting for results to be available. Created python 3 code for basic working Selenium-based crawler is available on my Github repos.

Knuepper And Covey, PA

10/2019 to 1/2020

Lead PHP7 Developer / OO Application Architect

[ 1099 REMOTE IC ] Work included object-oriented (OO) MVC-based design and PHP7 development of the enterprise internal webapp “ATSCall” that dynamically and seamlessly collected CDR (call detail records) tables from remote CentOS 7 and Microsoft Server 2016 Asterisk PBX systems using both MySQL and SQL Server databases, to a local MariaDB database that was being used for reporting and secure API access.

Using state-of-the-art UX features like Bootstrap 4 datatables, drag-n-drop data mapping, and OAuth 2 user validation, the entire integrated system replaced 3 different unoptimized, buggy programs, and was saving 4x the overall cost and speeding API data access by over 4 hours.

Led the enterprise infrastructure team for the development of APIs for an end-to-end integration of services for SaaS layers. Consolidated CDR data was published through a high-performance REST API, built with PHP7 using the same self-engineered rapid application development (RAD) MVC framework used for the CDR integrations. Developed nonce/secret key security to allow only authorized users access to sensitive billing and call duration data. Optimized queries over large 100M+ row tables for almost instantaneous response times.

Configured and successfully implemented live internet-facing Windows Server 2016 Apache2 server with Microsoft SQL Server backend database. Full HTTPS was achieved using locally generated test and CA generated production-ready certs and .PEM files. Installed somewhat hard-to-find working ODBC SQL Server drivers for Apache2.

  • Mentored in house developers and led adoption of best practices for development team.

  • Identified and troubleshot issues then documented solutions and QA procedures.

  • Provided technical problem resolution for highly complex problems.

  • Created reusable object-based components for isolated debugging and RAD.

  • Deep integration with in-house enterprise Content Management Systems.

  • Due to the use of RAD framework and efficient OO principles, the scheduled 20-week project was completed in only 11, saving over 50% in labor costs, and received a commendation for being "the first off-site contractor that completed assigned work under budget and ahead of schedule.

Lead PHP7 Developer

[ REMOTE 1099 IC ] Designed and implemented self-designed OO MVC framework using active routing and database modeling. Created Facebook and Twitter auto-post "bots" for subscribers using Facebook Graph API and Twitter REST API. Implemented a full Git version tracking solution and trained the owner and staff in its use.

Configured and implemented the popular open-source Fastlane mobile app build tool-chain to speed app snap-shotting, signing, building and delivering of 100's of Android and IOS mobile apps to the various stores. Designed and implemented the full API interface for the mobile apps using existing controller and view codebase to keep future development and maintenance cost down by over 75%

Imported, designed, and optimized the SQL for the custom online Medispan drug datasheet and pill identifier databases that were noted by the Elsevier/Medispan engineering group as "the fastest and most user friendly implementation of our database we have ever seen."

RefillRx Connect

2016 - 2018

Founder | Lead Developer

Duties included LAMP PHP/MySQL development of Las Vegas Luxe Realty, using PHP 7, Bootstrap 4, and MariaDB to download and display up-to-the-minute MLS properties for sale. Built high-performance RETS data importer using OO CLI PHP 7 to load properties into local MariaDB database, and optimized SQL queries to search and display the info to the responsive Bootstrap 4 front-end. Using Laravel framework, was able to speed development by 3x over similar projects in the past.

Duties included PHP/MySQL development of back-end billing and accounting solution for high-volume e-commerce and credit card transaction processing. Used the Linkpoint XML API and PayPal/Google Checkout for credit cards, and custom PHP 5 code for user maintenance.

Other projects included creating and modifying and ArtsBrevard. Please contact me for more details.

Current work includes developing FrealEstate [currently off-line while core reworking being done], a SaaS-inspired MLS real estate and RETS data hosting startup. Leveraging existing optimized backend RETS data and image import/conversion suite written in high performance CLI-PHP 7. Designed and coded Bootstrap 3-based responsive subscriber MLS agent website templates.


2008 - Present

Senior PHP/Full-Stack Developer | Consultant

[ 1099 CONTRACT ] Duties included writing several backend PHP CLI applications that parsed Omniture Analytics-generated CSV files and matched tracked click-data with internal databases and created multi-million record historical MySQL data tables for use with back-end client reporting tool.

Travel Media Group

2015 - 2016

Senior PHP/Full-Stack Developer | Project Manager

[ 1099 CONTRACT ] Led team effort redeveloping and redesigning LAMP-stack / Bootstrap 3 based backend for internal use and external web-based display. Introduced a MVC framework and jQuery widgets to streamline data entry, user management, and to save over 75% of time needed to transfer internal data to web-based reports.

Created fully configured and operational CentOS 6.5 web server from basic Rackspace Cloud Server package. Installed and configured (Yum-based) PHP 5.5, MySQL, SVN, nginx, and other necessary web server components from secure Putty/SSH sessions.

Redchip Industries

2014 - 2015

Lead PHP 5/7 OO Architect/Developer

[W2 ONSITE] Duties include PHP/MySQL/OO development for MLS/RETS national real estate data websites. Aggregated multiple RETS databases for large regional MLS national clients. Optimized indexes and queries for drastically improved performance. Development of an OO reusable class modules saved company over 40% on multiple deployments. Implemented rsync-based scripts for backend server-to-server data transfers that cut labor costs almost 90%.

Created new MLS/RETS Realty framework using MVC principles (samples available). Implemented GIT version control and a development/staging server environment. Led several team debugging efforts fixing real-time Javascript performance issues.

A small sample of projects developed include Hart-to-Hart Realty, Jack Jeffcoat Realty, and Palm Beach One and Florida Property Management. Many others available upon request.

Fencl Web Design

2012 - 2014

Senior C++ Developer

[W2 ONSITE] Developed high-performance C++ multi-threaded (using Qt library) xBASE to MySQL data conversion utility that allowed the real-time replication of xBASE table data to a MySQL database. Built a user-admin JavaScript/PHP webapp that uses client-side ExtJS 2.0 AJAX to talk to a REST server responsible for updating agent user database for credit card and e-check (ACH) processing. ExtJS 2.0 library was used for AJAX calls and widget library.

Created 3 custom websites/communities using WordPress, Apache and PHP for in-house support use that allow Affirmative employees to share documents and customer service tips among themselves. Created custom graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator for these sites and was the primary custom developer, administrator, and deployment lead.

Affirmative Insurance

2006 - 2008


Computer Engineering/CPEE

  • 183 of 195 credits to graduate.
  • Studied 32-bit RISC architecture.
  • Wrote microcode simulators.
  • Designed and breadboarded a working 8-bit computer.

Computer Science/CS

  • FORTRAN and C on DEC VAX.
  • CSE 4001 Operating Systems Concepts.
  • Interactive Computer Graphics.
  • Numerical Systems for Engineering.

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